Lock-down and the corona virus has had its challenges for us all. None of us would have predicted the extent of this pandemic.

I have spent my time in lock-down organising, accounting, contemplating, planning and finally finding time to work on projects I would not have been able to focus on with life as it was before.

As a creative freelancer, I have always had a home office, but rarely used it for any length of time or for too much creativity. A few hours each week responding to emails and keeping up to date with my accounts would be the extent of it. I would spend an hour or more driving to my temporary workplace to help a team of creatives with an array of projects, both large and small. A truly enjoyable and challenging role.

Becoming a temporary member of a design team requires creative flexibility, an important skill for any freelancer. What better time than the present to be flexible and creative in my own home office environment. If there is one thing I have learnt with my experience of fitting in with a creative team is that it’s as much about the team as it is about the freelancer. Being included, communicating and building relationships, and understanding skill sets.

During lock-down we have all been thankful for fresh air and the power of technology with the internet and video conferencing. This has made remote working much more essential and acceptable. How fantastic that the time we all previously spent travelling can be spent in a home office environment. I cannot believe it has taken a pandemic to make this the new normal for so many people.

Now to create a space with no distractions, a space for inspiration, a space to continue to offer my clients the support they need in these truly challenging times.

How has working from home been for you?

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